Unlocking the Body's Own Healing Potential

PhotoMedicine is a paradigm shift in modern medicine: in addition to drugs and surgery, healthcare practitioners can soon use light for the relief of chronic pain. Backed by sound science and decades of laboratory research, Quantum BioMedical International (QBMI) is at the forefront of PhotoMedicine research and development, working on a new generation of light therapy devices that help the body heal itself faster. 

What is light therapy?

Light is energy we can see, and at the right wavelength, the body can absorb that energy fairly easily. Cellular mitochondria, responsible for cellular health and regeneration, are directly affected by this energy and can use it it work more efficiently.  

About Light Therapy • LEDs vs. Lasers

How can it improve lives?

Faster and more efficient cellular regeneration means relief is within reach for those who suffer from chronic and often debilitating conditions:

Oral MucositisXerostomiaChronic Wounds
Hemophillic SynovitisDiabetic Retinopathy