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Quantum BioMedical International (QBMI) PhotoMedicine envisions a new era of modern medicine, where doctors need not rely on drugs and surgery to help their patients with minor aches and pains. We are researching and developing a revolutionary approach to medicine, one that uses natural light energy to help the body heal itself. 

To help usher in this new era of medicine, QBMI is conducting clinical trial work in several disease area such as wound healing, oral mucositis, macular degeneration and dental pain with exciting results.

QBMI is changing the scientific community's understanding of the effect of light on life. The work done by NASA showed that a small spectrum of light provides most of the energy needed to grow plants. This allowed NASA to grow plants in space. Further NASA funded research showed that light is effective in medical applications use including chronic pain relief.1

QBMI is carrying on the tradition of rigorous research in PhotoMedicine. This research is leading to development of better light emitting devices as we learn more about the science behind the body’s response to photon energy.

1 "NASA Space Technology Shines Light on Healing," Jerry Berg, NASA Media Relations

This website is intended for healthcare professionals and clinical researchers only. All of the treatments using LED phototherapy devices that are discussed on this website are in various stages of investigation and have not been approved by the FDA except where specifically stated.

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