Decades of Research Leads to Proven PhotoMedicine Technology

QBMI’s foundations are in sound science and superb technological advancements. 

Initially, NASA studied and developed a reliable way to quickly grow plants in space. At the time, it was commonly accepted that plants grow best under white light - the full array of the visible light spectrum. Generating such light was inefficient, produced too much heat and required too much power – the short durations of space missions required a faster growing time. An LED was developed that could emit more radiant energy in the most optimal band of light, the far red, nearly infrared end of the spectrum. This technology was developed into apparatuses and devices and successfully tested aboard several space shuttle missions and the International Space Station.

A New Paradigm for Medicine

Studies have been conducted and many are ongoing in many medical fields.  The results have been consistently positive, demonstrating that LEDs are a breakthrough technology for applying Light Therapy to a variety of settings. Whereas lasers were an older mode of light generation, the risks were high and the devices difficult to use. LEDs are safe, cool to the touch, and more reliable.

The positive clinical trial results, as well as continued support from NASA and follow-on research by  DARPA, helped to fully transition this space technology into a new, non-invasive medical device.

Today, QBMI is working to bring this technology to medical treatments through research and development.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared several of these devices for the treatment of chronic pain by emitting energy in the Near-IR spectrum for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm; relieving stiffness; promoting relaxation of muscle tissue; and to temporarily increase local blood circulation where applied.

This website is intended for healthcare professionals and clinical researchers only. All of the treatments using LED phototherapy devices that are discussed on this website are in various stages of investigation and have not been approved by the FDA except where specifically stated.

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