Chronic Wound Healing

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A chronic wound is one that has failed to proceed through an orderly and timely reparative process to produce anatomic and functional integrity or that has proceeded through the repair process without establishing a sustained anatomic and functional result. These wounds can be painful, unsightly, malodorous, and can lead to depression, social isolation, and in some cases, amputation. 

Chronic wounds represent a significant burden to patients, health care professionals, and healthcare systems around the world, costing billions of dollars. In the US alone, chronic wounds cost an estimated $20 billion annually. In Canada, it is estimated that for just pressure ulcers it costs $27,050(CN) per patient.

The number of people each year with chronic wounds is significant. In some countries, these patents outnumber those with cancer. It’s estimated that the number of chronic wound patients each year in Canada, the US and Europe total 10.6 million.


Although underlying causes of chronic wounds vary from patient to patient, they tend to occur in patients with:

For chronic wound sufferers, the healing process can be long and frustrating. Some chronic wounds can take years to heal while others never will.

There are 3 common types of chronic wounds. They are:

Diabetic foot ulcers represent the largest group of patients, followed by pressure ulcers and then venous ulcers. In the US diabetic foot ulcers are 37.5% of chronic wound ulcers, followed by pressure ulcers at 31.3% and venous stasis ulcers at 22.5%.

Current Treatments and Issues

Treatment is dependent upon where the wound is, the severity and if there is an underlying condition causing or exacerbating the wound.


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