Hemophilic Synovitis

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Hemophilia is a rare, genetic blood disorder in which the blood does not clot normally. It can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how much clotting factor is in a patient’s blood. The majority of people living with hemophilia have the severe form of the disorder.

The annual incidence of hemophilia type A, the most common form of the disease, is approximately 1 case per 5000 male births in Europe and North America. It is the most common X-linked genetic disease (manifesting only in boys). The incidence of hemophilia type B is estimated to be approximately 1 case per 30,000 male births.
Hemophia, February 2013, http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/779322-overview

A common, clinical complication of hemophilia, hemophilic synovitis, occurs as a result of repeated joint bleeds known as hemarthroses.  With synovitis, the synovial membrane which lines the joint capsule in the knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, hand, foot and shoulder becomes inflamed and can lead to chronic swelling and, if left untreated, joint deformity.

Current Treatments and Issues

There are several invasive treatments for syovitis; more conservative treatments, which are usually the first course, include:

If a conservative approach is not effective, synovectomy or joint replacement may be recommended.

These procedures can help reduce pain, make the joint more functional and reduce the number of bleeds, slowing or stopping the joint’s degeneration.  However, any loss in a patient’s range of motion cannot be regained and in some cases the procedure may further decrease range of motion.  While helpful, these procedures can not make a joint like new.


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