Treating Oral Mucositis with Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy (phtomedicine) is a drug-free pain relief tool that also promotes healing of lesions caused by oral mucositis. LED devices are safe, cool to the touch, will not burn or otherwise damage tissue, and have shown no contraindications during extensive study. Treatment can be administered by non-professionals, even the patients themselves, in any setting.


5 doses of light – a dose of 5-8J/cm2 each (one dose per area: left and right cheek, left and right throat, and once over mouth/lips open) once per day beginning 5 days prior to initial chemo/radiation therapy.  Continue daily treatment parameters throughout chemo/radiation regimen.

Results of a Clinical Study on LED Light Therapy (photomedicine) for Oral Mucositis

Oral mucositis is not only painful, it can derail life-saving anti-cancer therapies.  A pilot study was conducted to investigate the capacity of pain relief and lesion healing of low laser therapy in a pediatric population of 16 patients with chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis.

All children were treated using a GaAlAs diode laser with 830 nm wavelength and a potency of 150 mW. The energy released was adapted according to the severity of the lesions. The same protocol was repeated every 48 hrs until healing of each lesion occurred. Subjective pain was monitored before and immediately after treatment by an appropriate pain scale and functional impairment was recorded.

After a period of 12 months, records were evaluated and information about treatment sequence, sessions and frequencies related to pain and comfort were registered.  Immediately after administration, there was noticeable pain relief.  Depending on the severity of the oral mucositis, an average of 2.5 treatments per lesion in a period of one week were enough to heal a mucositis lesion. 

LED Light Therapy (photomedicine) is one of the most recent and promising treatment therapies and has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of mucositis and to relieve pain significantly.

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This website is intended for healthcare professionals and clinical researchers only. All of the treatments using LED phototherapy devices that are discussed on this website are in various stages of investigation and have not been approved by the FDA except where specifically stated.

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