Treating Xerostomia with Light Therapy

LED light therapy (photomedicine) is a painless, drug free, non-invasive treatment alternative that provides relief from the symptoms of xerostomia.  Studies have shown that light therapy treatments significantly enhance salivary secretion, salivary flow and can even regenerate the salivary duct epithelial cells.


Patients are given five doses of light – a dose of 5-8J/cm2 each  (one dose per area:  left and right cheek, left and right throat, and once over mouth/lips open) once per day for the initial period of five days.  The treatment can then be reduced to every other day.

Results of a Clinical Study on Light Therapy for Xerostomia

Sjogren’s syndrome is a disorder in which the tear- and saliva-producing glands are destroyed, significantly lowering a patient’s quality of life.  Low-level light therapy was used to treat a Siogren’s patient with severe xerostomia. A diode laser (780 nm, 3.8 J/cm2, 15 mW) was used to irradiate the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands, three times per week, for a period of 8 months. The salivary flow rate and xerostomia symptoms were measured before, during, and after treatment. Dry mouth symptoms improved during the treatment period, and after light therapy, the parotid salivary gland pain and swelling were no longer present.

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This website is intended for healthcare professionals and clinical researchers only. All of the treatments using LED phototherapy devices that are discussed on this website are in various stages of investigation and have not been approved by the FDA except where specifically stated.

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