Common Mitochondrial Dysfunctions

Mitochondria are pivotal to the life and proper functioning of cells. When these organelles fail to function properly, a number of disorders can result. In many cases, damage sustained by a mitochondrion, for example when exposed to toxins, prevent it from efficiently producing ATP and ROS in sufficient levels for cells to heal and communicate. This is the biologic target of ongoing investigations where PhotoMedicine is being studied.

Common disorders that have been connected to, or directly caused by mitochondria dysfunction include:

Aging is Related to Mitchondria

Though a natural process, aging is also closely linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. The production of ATP and ROS can lead to excess high-energy electrons leaking from the organelle into the host cell. The result is oxidative stress that can result in further damage to the cell or mitochondria DNA.

Moreover, the aging process is a feedback loop. As the organelles age, they are unable to produce as much energy and process the enzymatic activity of the proteins the electron transport chain. With less energy, and increased electron leakage, cells cannot repair themselves as quickly and their overall life quality degrades. The longer mitochondria are able to maintain optimum energy production, the greater the likelihood of extended cell life.


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